Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~Christmas Eve~

(all photos courtesy of my DSL, Brandy)


I had all the hot food lined up on the table to eat.  Paul opened the kitchen window and the veggie bowl broke.  First the boys said to me "This means we don't have to eat any vegetables. Yay!"  Then about 10 minutes later, my dad walks through the kitchen and says "Oh goodie, we don't have to eat our vegetables"

                        "The Twins"
                        Jacob and Rachel.
                        15 years since our last Christmas together. 

Ann   Mary  Hannah

                                Paul and Elijah


        Mary tearing off her clothes to get her new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa on.

                                         Paul and his girls.

      Me, opening a super-soft-pink bathrobe from my parents.  I sleep in it, it's so cozy on my skin.

      Elijah and David opening their marshmellow guns that Uncle Jacob made them.  They love them    and we don't mind getting pelted with marshmellows as long as we can pick them up fast enough to eat them.

                                Hannah and her whistle. 
                                Yes, feel sorry for me.

                     Ann and her recorder.
                     Feel even more sorry for me.  LOL!

                    My Dad. Grandpa, playing with the boys' gift.

Auntie and Uncle gave Mary this super cool bear that hiccups and sings and talks and everything. 

         My parents started with 2 and now they have 4 ;)

                                                     My Mom.  Grandma.

Balloon toys that Grandpa brought and made.
Lots of food and cooking.
A walk through "the forest park". (My favorite part of the day was taking a walk with my family. 
My dad always took Jacob and I for all kinds of interesting "exploring" walks when we were kids.  It's in my blood)
Three Stooges episodes
Present opening.

a wonderful day!!

and later
making Cinnamin Rolls,
Cookie decorating,
putting cookies out for Santa
Staying up half the night to put those finishing touches on the stockings and presents.

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