Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our October 31st Day!

I am a sucker for tradition.  No matter where we live or what our appointment, there a certain things that must be done on certain days!  I think it makes for stability, routine, and blessed discipline :)
October 31st is one of those days.

The children and I packed 140 treat bags for our Staff and Men.  Mary kept stealing candy so there was a lot of crying on her part until her final lesson stuck with  her.  Everyone else did great.  After years of the older children being expected to help, it is becoming natural for them and they anticipate the special projects with excitement.  The littles catch the excitement too.  I'm glad to see some of my "towing the line" pay off! 

Next year I am recruiting someone to help me tie off the bags with ribbon.  I was tying long after everyone else was done with their tasks.  Woe is me ;)

When you move to a new place, you try to focus on the perks, the upsides.  Like how we were able to carve pumpkins outside!  I was especially glad since I had just mopped the floors. 
Also, our trick or treating was great with no hills or stairs that the children had to climb.  The kids were always falling with all the stairs in The Dalles and it was happening in San Francisco too.
I LOVE trick or treating in a new neighborhood.  It is the only chance we have to knock on the neighbors door and check them out.  Otherwise, I never see anyone.

I think pumpkin carving is my favorite part of all! 

Afterschool we went and handed out the treats at the Center.  The kids were all dressed up and competing to who could give out the most.  There were some tears on Hannah's part that noone was taking hers, but she just couldn't be seen.  She was quite satisfied when we let her hand out to the kitchen crew all by herself.

                      Hannah the Mid-Evil Queen

                              Mary the Little Mermaid

                               Elijah the Spartan

                                    Ann the Barbie Mermaid

David the Banana

David stayed behind this year and handed out the candy while at the same time building a candy catapult with his Kinect set.  He had a blast, but it was different not to bring him.  Life just keeps on a changin'!

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it."
~1 Corinthians 10:26

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