Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do You Whirley-Pop?

We've been Whirley-Popping for many years. My in-loves gave it to us when Ann was a baby, so it's been that long.  It's great fun at our house to break out the Whirley-Pop.

Necessity, is the mother of invention. -Plato
Lunch bags have many uses in our home, especially for popcorn. 
We keep track of who's is who's and can shake the seasoning into the popcorn real well. 

"Now Ann, this is how you Whirley-Pop" says Mama Bear.

"I knoooooow Moooom" says Wee-Bear.

Mary had her first turn, but you can barely see her smooshed in there between the Big-Bears.

Brother-Bear Elijah is a natural whirleyer.

When Mama-Bear starts screaming "RUUUUN", Papa Bear comes in for damage control. 
(I still seem to overfill the Whirly Pop 99% of the time, yes, I know, I'm a pig)
Elijah and Mary never run though, they scramble to eat the mess.

Settling in for a movie, "Shrek Ever After"
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