Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where God Sets Us


 "God sets the lonely in families"
                                                                 Psalm 68:6a

Our impending move is hanging over our heads.  We're all excited to see where the Lord will have us this summer.  God has been so faithful to us in San Francisco, that seriously, I have little worries about our next home and appointment.  We do feel the weight of our new ministry, but everytime things have seemed impossible, God has amazingly made them possible.  He wants us exactly where we are.  I'm proudly all done kicking and screaming ;) and looking forward to this new journey in the ARC family.  It's not how I expected things to go, but God does far more than we ask or imagine!!  Just look at the family He's set me in...

Reading "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.  I cry everytime I read this!  The kids have it practically memorized, but I still insist on reading it often.  Such a spiritual lesson here.

David working on his 3 dimensional light-up Israel map for school.  He wired it all and everything.  I just helped with the handwriting :)  He did such a great job! 

                               Hair curlers!

     Papa Bear reading to the wee bears.

Show and tell.  Hannah also made a "map" like her big brother.

David show and telling his little bro- "Lil' E"

I came home from the Center one day to see that Daddy-O had bought a whole new bin of legos for the girls while they were out store inspecting.  Wow, we have TONS of legos. I'm guessing five tubs when we move this time.

But it keeps them occupied.  The kids will literally spend hours building together. Robots, towers, machines, castles, gardens, houses, RVs, theme parks, fortresses, or the soccer game above. 

Mary likes to watch the TV all spread out.

Dinner time.  Come and get it!  I treated myself to a Triangle Bell for our new home.  It makes sense to me to use instead of having to take so long to round everyone up from the ends of the earth for dinner.

And here is some food for thought I'll leave with 
I felt so encouraged in my convictions and still exhorted to do better myself after reading this.

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