Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Vacation.... Part 1 of 3

I've been around... but always this is my favorite spot in the world! 
I LOVE the Redwood Forest and combine that with our favorite family friends... what could be better???

We stayed the first night of our 8 hour journey in the cottage at the most beautiful ARC ever.  Ann and I always go on and on of how this cottage is our dream house.  It really is! 

We saw wild Elk on our drive up.

Our good friends have 6 children.  We only have 5.  That's 11 children between us, aged twelve and under.  Like I say, there is someone for everyone when we're with the Browns.  It was SO very good to see them again.  My heart feels refreshed (thank you Stacie!)  and I'm so glad to keep the kids connected with a like-minded family.  We've really missed them since moving from The Dalles.   You can visit her blog to see their vacation too.

The eldest boys, David and Joshua.  

Our mini caravan.

Throwing rocks in the river.

The big kids.

The offspring.

These two, Hannah and Jacob,  are a month apart in age. 
They were not happy I made them take a picture together.

Mary loves her apples, even in the Redwood Forest.

How many Chouinard can you fit in a Redwood Tree?
Of course, there's always room for more!

This picture cracks me up!  Stacie and I climbed up the tree in the previous photos.  Then I'm telling (yelling at) Paul how to take the picture and Stacie's cracking up at me, because what's the point anyway!  Paul's going to take it how HE wants! LOL!!

The children look like little ants compared the gigantic Redwood Trees.

Hannah taking a little break, Mary trying to figure out how to get up there too.

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