Sunday, January 16, 2011


On Saturday morning, our neighbors took us to the zoo.
Isn't that sweet?
They have twin boys.

           We had a wonderful time. 
           The weather was perfect. 
           The animals are fascinating. 
           And we got friendly with our neighbors.

       For Narnia!

     We thought this sign was funny.
     Notice the bottom line.

 We brushed goats for a looooong time. 
 This goat was so longsuffering. 

         And this goat.

This one too.

             I call this one "Man and Goat"

                   Ann had a rough ride.

                      Mine was rougher though.

Does Paul look scared here? Confused? 
She scares me too ;)  lol!

           What's worse than pushing around a 9 year old?

           Trying to reach high speeds with your 11 year old.

~The earth is filled with His Glory~

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