Monday, August 15, 2011

some pics

We just now got our PC hooked up.  In the kitchen, in the wide open.  A good place for it to be ;)  Although as I sit here, I am needed by someone about every 10 seconds.  So now I'm relating computer time with annoying time.   Which equals less time.   Fine by me, I'm loving our weather here!!  Hot Mamma!

Here are some of our goings on around home.

                       Hannah fell asleep like this.  Little cutie-pie.

              Mary gets this from me... throwing her head up to heaven with a sigh...."God help me".

                Ann doing her musical jewelry box project.

                  Elijah and his lego project.

                      David and his lego project.

     Daddy-O in the pool with his little mermaids and mermen.

                           David helping Ann on his Ripstick.

                         Elijah cleaning out the pool.

                                     Hannah's boat.

                          Chouinards on wheels.  Look out!

I can hardly get enough of my rollerblades. 

When I was jumping in the pool with my clothes on (I'll do the other when the kids are in bed ;)))
my scrunchie came out of my hair and Elijah freaked out  "Mom's panties!!" 
So funny when I threw it at him.  As if my panties would be that little!

                                               Isn't this a cool picture?

                                                    This one too!

MYO pizza night.
All of my doughs rise so quick here.  I put it on the back porch and it will double in half an hour.

                                              David shootin' some b-ball

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