Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Atmosphere

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name."
~Psalm  100:4
Front entryway to our home.  After 7 years of hiking up a million stairs to the front door with a crowd of children, groceries, and more, often snow and ice.... I am thankful for a flat, large front porch.  I am still basking in the ease of it. 

On the top left of the door is a decorations that our good friends made us and gave to us when they came over for lunch for the first time.  Fall of 2004.  It is even dated.  We love hanging it up every year, we are thankful for friends!

We have this little ledge/half wall by the front door, but I am noticing the paint is getting chipped. I'm going to cover it with clear contac paper.  I hope it doesn't look to tacky.  If I use doilies or a runner, it will be just another thing that needs straightening a million times a day, like the pillows on the couch that always end up on the floor.  I am thankful for so many little hands who add life, aka mess ;) to the house!

I liked arranging the table runner angled this year. 
See the centerpiece the girls made?  Hannah worked especially hard on it, even sprinkling it with seeds that flew everywhere the first time I blew out the candles. She hasn't noticed yet.  Good thing we got a new vacuum!

Sidetable in dining room. I have used the large leaf platters (under the smaller plates) many times this fall.  I just love them and have matching plates too.   I am thankful I can buy myself treats here and there like the leaf dish set.  So thankful for plenty of nourishing food to eat on them too.

On top of the piano in the front room.  I just love glow candles.  I bought them at Costco this year (with a coupon!).  I am thankful for music, especially the WinterJam concert we went to recently.  We love music and how it ministers to us.

Sofa table, which also functions as my laundry folding table.  I am thankful for all the laundry I do, it means I have a lot of people to love!

We have these openings in the wall that divides the family room with the front room and hallway.  The kids kept hopping through them, I did too (shortcut) but we put an end to it.  We must be somewhat civilized :))  I am thankful for our active, adventorous spirits, the zeal for life so evident in children.

I don't get to turn my garland lights on often.  Everyone says it annoys them when we're watching a movie.  I like it, but I've been outvoted.  I keep it on when I'm feeling onry though. 

On the fireplace mantle. 

This is the dining area of the kitchen.  See my leaf plates in the right corner?  I just love them. Thank you Wal-Mart.  And a pumpkin candle burning.  Smells so good.  Even if the house is a disaster, in my mind, a candle makes it all better. 

We will eat a Thanksgiving Meal at our Center.  I am thankful for our ARC.
My parents are coming down to spend Thanksgiving with us.   We are all looking forward to having Thanksgiving with them.  That will be my most thankful thing I'm sure.

William Bradford,  one of the only known first hand account of the Mayflower voyage, who endured tremendous challenges and pain in his life during the pilgrimage to America wrote this poem at the end of his life:
Faint not, poor soul, in God still trust,
Fear not the things thou suffer must;
For, whom he loves he doth chastise,
And then all tears wipes from their eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be Blessed!

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