Monday, January 31, 2011

Why God Made Babies Cute

I have this problem.  Selective amnesia. 

Everytime I have a child that enters the "mess-making" stage.
I rant and rave that surely, this is my messiest baby yet.  "None of the other children were like this" I say.
But then, my friends and family remind me "Rachel... you said that about Hannah, and Ann, and Elijah, and David too."  

"Oh, did I?"

Just recently I came out of the shower to find Mary had dumped an entire bottle of glue out.
I grabbed my camera for evidence.

I am convinced that God made babies cute so that we don't kill them when they do this.
In fact, I say a frantic "Oh my goodness Mary!!"
but melt when she gives me her *I'm so proud of myself smile*

And then we set about cleaning it up.
Ann is such a generous helper.

I have also recently washed countless stuffed animals after Mary has given them a swirly in the toilet, 
and found an entire package of baby wipes pulled out so that she could cover up her babies, a whole tube of toothpaste squeezed out on the toothbrushes she had lined up, smashed grapes all over the living room when she used the stepstool to pull them down off the counter and then pass them out to  her brothers and sisters, sharpee marker scribble on the wall!!  and other traumatic events that I'm trying to block out ;)


"Love keeps no record of wrong."

So I'm just fine with all the things I don't remember. 

Thank you Lord, for the babies.
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