Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life (as I know it)

Earlier this week, Paul and I went to another training seminar to pick up more "equipping". My sister-n-law came and cared for the children, but really, I think God sends her just as much for me, as for the children. I just love that woman. 

I am really enjoying the opportunities that San Francisco has to offer, but especially the new ARC skills that I am learning to most effectively love and serve people, which of course, begins in my own home.   Our most recent conference in Long Beach was all about people, our rehabilition program services,(you know the psycho-stuff)  and I learned some amazing yet practical tools.
Jesus said "you will know the truth and the truth will set you FREE!"   
Is it fair game to apply my new understandings to my children, why yes, of course!   (hee!hee!)

This new appointment and venture in our lives, is not soley set out for Paul and Rachel.  It is for the whole lot of us.  Our gracious God appointments the whole family, right down to little Mary.
 He is not a divider, sending us all to go our own separate ways, God is a uniter.

It has been almost a year of an uphilll battle in a lot of ways.  Not everything is "solved" from my perspective, but I try to commit my ways to the Lord instead of brooding, and I keep seeing God's creative provision!!

I take the kids out and about everytime I get the chance.   The children and I are trying to have some fun with all the (annoying) attention we get for being a "big" family.  Now we just pretend we're movie stars and we have paparazzi.  But really, people are so friendly and curious, I don't mind.  I do mind though when they ask me how old I am.

Here is a hidden picture game... can you spot all five?

Wherever you are in your journey, may you know the love and peace that our Living God has to offer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm so glad the table doesn't stay empty for long...

Tea with friends.

A giant bumble bee flee into the kitchen and Papa Bear caught it under a glass for all to see.

Even with a move, and being perfect strangers to everyone, God is still blessing my family with friends.
Elijah has been to a couple of birthday parties and visited over at a couple of friends homes, fine Christian families. 
David has spent time over at friends homes, also good Christian families. 
I've visited over with some moms of the boys' friends while all our children played.
We've had a few friends come and visit too, such as the above darling girls, and a brother-sister set from the boys' school, and we even have our very own set of twin boys to play with across the street. 
I've been so blessed to have 2 friends from The Dalles come and visit. Did my heart so much good!  And because I've needed more overnight childcare than usual, I get to see my mom and sister-n-law often. 
We're also quite excited and looking forward to vacationing with our good family friends early summer (between the two of us we have 11 children!) And yesterday, a package in the mail from another dear friend from The Dalles.

I remember there was a time in my early Officership that I thought I would just live a friendless life.  Sure we had our people and staff, but it's an unfair burden to them by making them your "friends". We're not there to get our own needs met.  Slowly, but surely, God has brought people into our lives that become friends, good friends, add that to my childhood-always-friends, and I feel like one very blessed lady. 

Several years ago, one of my Home League ladies wrote this up on our chalkboard:
"If you want a friend, be a friend."  So it takes some effort.  I'm not always on top of it due to the needs of my family and ministry.  But I try, I pray for them, and I thank God for the special people we call friends.
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