Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Vacation... Part 3 of 3

The Chouinard children went surfing.

Three amigas.

Four amigos.


Hannah holding a starfish.

Hannah and Mary.

Petting Leopard Sharks!

 Lily and Mary petting sharks too!


The shark was hungry and ate us up.

 We had an up close seal and sea lion show.  It was awesome!  I bet Stacie got better pictures of it.


                               The looooong drive home.
Mr. Pilot and Mrs. Co-Pilot.

"No one needs a vacation more
than the person who just had one."

It is hard to try to settle back into a routine, when the only routine right now is packing and cleaning.  Oh my, so much to do! But I am proudly not freaking out, just taking one day at a time.  I'm taking breaks and taking the kids to the beach and such. Today, after more chores and packing,  we're going on a 3 mile venture around town on foot, bikes, strollers and ripstick, down through the forest park we LOVE.  Then we have dinner and Chapel. 

Also a lot of co-ordinating to do for the boys to have some last hurrahs with their friends. I'm doing 2 sleepovers this week, all the boys will just have to sleep among the boxes. I'm sure they'll make some kind of fort or something.  Of course.. I'll be making Cinnamon Rolls.  Happy tummies make happy boys. (Plus I have a ton of butter and cream cheese I need to use up before we move) 

May God bless you richly this day! 
He is so very good and faithful.

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