Friday, January 14, 2011


Wednesday was my birthday (my twin brothers too!)

35 and counting.  I want to celebrate, I love having a day of guilt free my way day, but for me, it also reminds me that 
  I am running out of time... 

"Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom."
                                                                    Psalm 90:12

I'm trying to squeeze a lot out of this life, but I see that as I grow older, that some things just require more time, energy, and attention than others. That is where the wisdom has to come in.  I need to seek God,"what do I really need to be doing right now?"  I hate wasting time.  Probably because there seems to be so little of it.  I pray that the things that are most important to God, are most important to me.

Birthday Happenings!
After the usual early morning routine,
and taking the boys to school and getting gas,
I went to meet Paul at the ARC with the girls.
He was taking me to pick out my birthday present,
but before that, I was surprised with cake from our most wonderful staff.
I was also gifted by my 2 of my Comrads, an aromatic candle on my desk and later a decorative plate that is SO my taste and goes with my dream kitchen of cobalt blue and white and my heart for my home.
Paul put a lot of effort into my birthday, because he took me and the girls to a really nice shopping mall that of course he first "researched" to make sure they had the food and store I wanted.  We ate at this really delicious Japanese place.  I had teriyaki salmon salad.  Very fresh and delicious.
Then he wandered the girls and I around the mall to the Lady Footlocker store where I picked out a quality pair of running shoes.  I figured it's time to get serious with the shoes.  I don't want to hurt my feet.  
I had to hurry home after dropping Paul off at the ARC so I could change into my uniform and get the boys in time from school.  Then back to the ARC with a stop in the Thrift Store to buy David a tye-dye shirt for his 70's day today. 
We ate dinner and headed to Chapel.  Mary was quite the stinker because in all my birthday festivities she didn't get  her nap.  BIG mistake.  And that girl will not sleep anywhere but her crib.  Paul took the girls out for Chapel because it was my birthday and I wanted to sit with my sons and hear the sermon.
When we got home around 7pm, we still had more celebrating to do.  Paul had snuck home at some point and decorated!  I was really surprised.  We had cake with trick candles, and then Paul and the kids had me "hot and cold" for my hidden birthday gifts.  One gift card to Ross from each of the children- that made 5!  It was so much FUN!  (loud too)   And can you believe that I waited to open my birthday present from my Great Aunt Ruby until my birthday.  A lovely stationary set.
I was blessed- happy, content, refreshed.
God so loves us!
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