Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doing Better

Well, most of us are feeling better today. I was able to get caught up on some chores. I'm trying not to over do but I suddenly want to turn the house upside down and inside out after being laid up for so long. The kids are still sleeping a lot but they are still fighting fevers too. At any moment, you can hear coughing throughout the house. We watched part of a movie together this afternoon and the volume was up LOUD just so we could hear it over the coughing. We were laughing, but that only causes coughing and misery, so we stopped. Even typing makes me cough.

For Christmas we got the family a WII!! I am no longer in the "hall of pride" for not owning a gaming system! (he!he!) It seems like a ton of fun and up to 8 people can play, so everyone is involved. (I think Paul and I wanted one just as bad) The boys hooked it up on Christmas morning in all their excitement. I think they've played it for maybe 30 minutes total so far. It requires a lot of movement which is not something any of us are into at the moment. BUT the kids were sooooo excited to open it Christmas morning! They were shocked and so thrilled! Paul and I had such a great feeling giving it to them. They are very good kids who genuinely try hard at being good people. (and we just think the world of them!) They have patiently waited and never even seriously asked for such a gift. Let the good times begin!!! (cough, cough!)

Also for Christmas, Paul and the kids totally surprised me with a digital camera! I am so happy! Paul talked about getting me one for my birthday, but now I have it early!! So now I can go back to being a crazy picture taking mommy AND now I can post some on my blog instead of emailing everyone.

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Bebee's Human said...

I am so glad you guys are doing better!! :0) It's also good to know you're set up to have a great time after Christmas.

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