Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here I Am!

Well, here I am. There are many family and friends that I wish could be a part of our everyday lives, so maybe this will keep us connected. I hope to share our daily lives, fun, ministry, family news, ideas and more. I've liked reading blogs and have been for a couple years (political, colleagues, friends). Maybe mine will be of interest to you too ;)

Tuesday mornings, after getting everyone off to school, I'm at the Corps (church) in my office and all over the place getting work done. We are in the thick of Christmas ministries at The Salvation Army! This morning I packed gift bags for the 3 parties that are coming up. I wrote a devotion for tomorrows Home Leauge (Women's Ministries) Christmas party, planned the program, prayed for a jolly mood, ordered some Jr. Soldier uniforms, met with Staff, did the Sunday Bulletin and Advent reading, and cursed my desk for being such a mess.
The morning got broke up when Paul and I went to a meeting with a school official to review David's P.E.P. (personalized education plan) because he's a smartie pants, literally. Elijah has also been nominated for testing. So we'll see.
I stay busy at home in the afternoon (Noon +) with chores and keeping up with Ann while Hannah naps. Ann is like a bird, fluttering around from one activity to the next. She also eats like a bird, itty bitty bits. When Hannah wakes up from her nap, she just joins in with whatever Ann is doing at the moment. Today it was coloring with markers. It took Hannah less than a minute to color her entire mouth, inside and out. She was so proud and thought she was a shining star.
When the boys got home from school they went accross the street to play with a neighbor boy in his front yard. After a little while I called them home and Elijah was excitedly telling me all about his "tobacco pickle" that his friend gave him. I freaked out and said "WHAT?!?". David enjoyed the excitement for a little while and then came to his rescue to tell me it was a "tabasco pickle". Oh!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Too funny! Elijah cracks me up! Will you post your devotion? I would love some encouragement right now.

I'm so glad you did this, Rach. I would love to be able to be more of a part of your life. I can't wait till you post some recipes, devotions and your thoughts. Great job, Girlfriend!

Bebee's Human said...

Hi everyone!

And let's not forget the episode about the coati! (Not to be confused with coyotes.)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great to see you starting a blog. I'm going to enjoying keeping up with your family. I'm praying you will be able to keep your joy this Christmas season. I only remember too well, Stacie and I decorating the Christmas tree while Mom was on the speaker phone because she had to be at the corps counting kettles (that was before they had counting machines). Thank you for all that you do to help the misfortunate and encourage your church members. Merry Christmas!

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