Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last Sunday was our United Divine Service Sunday.  It is our Youth Sunday when the Troops get awarded all their badges, sing special music, recite their pledges, and do the entire church service.   We had over 25 youth participate.  I had lots of pictures of them, but should only share my own children....

Only when I downloaded this picture did I realize...
Hannah has no shoes on! 
here are Hannah and Ann among the other Moonbeams
singing the Call ToWorship, "This Little Light of Mine".

David gave the first part of the Sermon. 
Three other faithful children followed him.
They all did so well and I could tell they really practiced,
including our Scripture Reader,  *A*!

Elijah did the Welcome and Announcements. 

It was SO funny...  background:  afterwards the church all met up at Spooky's afterward, a tradition for the first Sunday in November.  On the Bulletin, I put "no-host" lunch big and bold.  Elijah must've overheard me talking to Paul about my strict policy of... you pay for yourself at Spooky's or don't go... because we've had problems with "confustion" on this in the past.  I had wanted to be real clear on this with our people, but NICELY so I called it "NO-HOST".

So anyways... Elijah, my Mister blunt-untactful-speak-your-mind child who is STILL in the process of learning appropriateness... is giving the announcements, tells the congregation excitedly about lunch at Spooky's after church.  Then he stops dead, stares down the congregation and firmly says  "BRING  YOUR OWN MONEY AND PAY FOR YOURSELF!"     Oh my goodness!  gasp and gulp!  Thankfully, all I heard from our people was giggling!  Thank God! 
Now, it's just plain FUNNY!  And yes, for all the hyper-parents out there.....  I did have a talk with Elijah about this especially because as diligent as Paul and I are to either not speak about Corps(church)  issues or just speak real vaguely, he still needs to have some judgement about what gets repeated and what doesn't!

All in all, it was a great Sunday.  Great Church Service, Fun and great Fellowship at Spooky's (have I mentioned what a great church body we have?!?), we went to Elijah's last soccer game,  and then the kids and I watched a documentary on the underground, persecuted church in Vietnam.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Isn't that documentary good? I'm assuming you are talking about the one that Stacie has.

That is so funny about Spookys. He'll make a great corps officer yet! Better to be really clear and leave no room for confusion.

I left you a comment on my blog. So glad Stacie's kids are going to your youth activities now.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Elijah is a hoot! I can just picture the voice he used, too! Thanks for sharing!

ducky said...

you have such a great church and good kids too!! you are blessed!! joyce

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