Monday, February 8, 2010

Beautiful (Organized!) Woman

I have been reading a most excellent book lately called "The Gentle Ways of The Beautiful Woman- A Practical Guide to Spiritual Beauty"  by Anne Ortlund.  I am really loving it, and learning.
Some things I say, "Thank you Lord for developing that in me", so many other things I say- "Oopsie!  Better get to work on that!"

The book takes you through different areas of your life: attitudes, thinking, beliefs, and allowing the Lord to work in you. It also gives very practical disciplines to incorporate into your daily life for maximum effeceincy.  LOVE IT!  NEED IT!  I have found several ideas that I have begun implementing.  It helps me to accomplish the things that are most important and to do it with grace and joy.  I never want to be that crazy-busy-stressed out woman that I was 10 years ago (and that was with less children!) Not that I never "go there", but at least it is less! ha!ha!

The first area I've been working at getting a handle on is my nightstand.  That is where the author says we should start restoring beauty to physical surroundings,  and it makes so much sense to me!  It's the first place I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.  Unfortunately, it tends to be one of the messiest physical areas of my life.  In all my years of marriage, Paul has never complained about my housekeeping, except for the occasional mentioning of my nightstand ;)  Especially when things suddenly come crashing down.  And then I just leave it where it landed until my (maybe)  once a month shoveling out. (I also blame my babies who pull everything down in an effort to bury themselves alive). What's it so full of ?  Books upon books upon books. Bibles. Some magazines like The Officer or Above Rubies or my Human Events newspapers.  Even some cookbooks and sometimes little notes  my children leave me when they feel brave enough to step over the pile (s). 

So, I've been working at it, with my end goal being NOTHING on top of my nightstand except for my alarm clock, lamp, my picture of Paul as a first year Lt., and, as the book suggests, a small glass vase with a flower inside.  I have two drawers in my nightstand and I have cleared out the top one so that I can put my 1-3 books or magazines, Bible, pen, and notebook in.  The rest of my books must make their way downstairs or  to my office which will be their permanent home.  I love waking up in the morning to a nice and neat nightstand and going to sleep at night with at least my nightstand being beautiful.

Dinner tonight- chili bake and fruit

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Can I borrow the book when you are done? Also, Jackie gave me a book for you to read that I forgot to give to you.

I just decided to put all of my books and nightly reading material in a pretty basket beside my bed. This avoids the surfacy clutter that tends to take over.

There are so many areas in my house that are driving me crazy.

I have hired someone to come and clean my house every other week for two hours. I am so excited about this. My bathrooms will be deep cleaned every two weeks and hopefully she will have time to dust.

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