Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Week in Progress

Monday- We went to the Portland Zoo, using our membership.  Fuuuun!  The weather was just right, it was not overly crowded (I expected worse with President's Day and all) and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Hannah was more into it than ever.  The Zoo is one of my favorite places to be.  I love being outside and I love animals.  David's favorite are the snakes, Elijah's favorite are the giraffes, Ann's favorite are the elephants, Hannahs favorite is the bobcat , Paul's favorite is me.  Then, we're all looking at the bats, and of course, we run into another family we know from The Dalles.  Small world! On the way home, we wanted to eat at a mongolian grill called Chang's (the kids call it the noodle place) but it was closed.  We don't know the area real well, but ran across an Outback.  Okay, let's give it a try.  I'm thinking big bucks here, but... as we all gathered around the table, the waiter told us it was Kid's Eat FREE Monday! SCORE! 

Tuesday- Office, Errands, Office, Errands, Errands, Chores,  BEAUTIFUL weather and we all played outside at dinner time so I just heated up some HotPockets and Sliced up some apples for dinner.

Wednesday- Office, Home League, Office, Chores, Haircuts for the boys and a trip to Walgreens to buy a new chess game because the chess pieces from the old one keep vanishing, Chores, and some Olympic watching.  Then after the kids went to bed, I stayed up late to do a crash course in finishing my CBS lesson. 

Today-  CBS (Community Bible Study), I hosted the ladies luncheon for my group at home with baked potato bar (the ladies brought toppings).  I was so glad and excited to do this because in my 5 years of CBS, I've only been able to go to the monthly luncheon 3 times because it is normally scheduled when I have Advisory Board.   Chores (my middle name), an unusual disciplining for poor Ann, who learned a very big lesson today, and bedtime for the kids when I can do my own thing, which will probably be some things toward getting ready for Israel.  Oh me, oh my, it's getting close!   Or hmm... I wonder if The Office is on tonight....  I LOL everytime I watch that show!!! It drives Paul nuts to hear me ga-fa over and over again, but I catch him giggling too from the dining room table.  I open the blinds so that I can watch his reflection in the window, and then I can see if he's looking at the TV or not, but shhhhh....  I don't think he knows!

Tommorow- go to boy's school to watch David anchor the school news, then to the Office to finish getting ready for Sunday and check on Sally (our hamster) and take care of some other things.  I should have an easy afternoon because a visitation cancelled.  I'm looking forward to just puttering around the house with the kids.  I bought a new 1000 piece puzzle that everyone's dying to start.  I might hide a few pieces to make things exciting (jk!).

Saturday David has a chess tournament.  It is SIX hours long.  Ugh!  Paul has already said he would go and just bring some work with him.  God bless that man.  I don't think I could do it (and still keep my sanity!).

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