Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Books and Movies

I've seen a couple of really good movies lately. 
"I Am David" was an excellent movie.  Even my boys loved it, mostly David.  I cried and laughed and it was one of those movies that I will not forget.  It was adventurous with some really deep scenes.  
Another great one was "The Blind Side" which was just a super good and uplifting movie.  I really liked how the family was portrayed so positively.  The children in the movie were really great kids and the parents were admirable too.  I get tired of movies with rotten kids and dysfunctional parents, so this one really impressed me.  I was crying in this movie too!  I'm such sap.

I just finished reading "Abraham's Well" .  My friend, Jackie, thought I'd like it and boy was she right! It's about the slaves of the Native American Indians (is that politically correct enough?),   but I won't go into to much detail so that I won't give the story away.  I really liked the book and it has sparked my curiosity (and anger!) in this subject.  I would definately recommend this book. 

Right now, I am  reading two books by Elisabeth Elliot.  "Let Me Be A Woman" and "The Mark of A Man".    Elisabeth Elliot   is the wife of a murdered missionary who then ministered to the tribe that killed her husband.  It is an amazing story.  You can learn more by watching the Beyond the Gates of Splendor documentary.   I had not really heard of her much before until a friend from our Women's Officer's Retreat in January said that she really looked up to her.  It sparked my interest, and I am hooked on her books so far!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I keep hearing about Blind Side. I need to put it in queu.

Looking forward to our Mommy Date on Friday! Their French onion soup is calling my name!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Elisabeth Elliott is awesome! So glad you liked Abraham's Well. I felt is was very thought provoking and showed just how helpless it must have been to be a slave, what it really must have been like, especially as a pretty young girl. Soooo sad.

I own the movie, I Am David and love it! I've got to get Blind Side in my Netflix queue. Thanks for the review on that. I was wondering if it was any good.

Glad you and Stace had a chance to have a "date" today!

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