Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Vacation... Part 2 of 3

We did the trails at Trees of Mystery.

Paul Bunyan and Baby the Blue Ox.  Paul Bunyan talks and moves his hand and head now!  He answers questions and calls after children.  He asked us  if we were a field trip.  We said no, family.  Then he asked us how many families.  We said 2.  He said he liked our big families.  Then he called after little Jacob.  The kids had a blast asking him all kinds of questions. 

Paul giving Elijah a pep talk about the tram that goes up 500 ft.

Up at the top.   We made it!

Driving thru the tree wasn't nearly as exciting as watching Stacie drive thru the tree!

She did great!  And I never laughed so hard in my life listening to Steve and Stacie go back and  forth. 
They got the job done!  Great teamwork!!

The kids did LOTS of swimming. 
In 3 1/2 days we...
went to the beach (2x)
went to a Lighthouse
went out to Pizza, Chinese, Thai
drove to see wild Elk
played hard in the hotel backyard
played in the hotel fountain
visited and talked.
Gave thanks to God for our wonderful time together, for great weather, safe traveling
and marveled in His Creation!

Milk and cookies to finish the day.

Click HERE to see my friend, Stacie's, blog on our vacation. 
She got some really great pictures.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I can't stop from smiling either. Great memories!!!!!!!

Driving through that tree though, still makes me want to have an anxiety attack! LOL!

Richard said...

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Martha said...

Your vacation sounds like so much fun. I love going and visiting the redwoods. We used to go every year at Halloween to Calaveras Big Trees since we didn't "do" Halloween. Some of my best memories are at "the big trees" with my family as well as grandparents and cousins. It sounds like you made some WONDERFUL memories with your family as well as with your friends not just with the redwoods but with everything else too. Your trip just sounds like such a blast! I can't wait to hear about part 3!

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