Friday, December 2, 2011

Potato Bits and More

What do you do with leftover potatos, fries, tots?  No need to make them wait out their doom in the fridge or feed them to the trash can.   

Start a zippy bag in your freezer and add all those little bits of leftovers.  Get a good variety going.  The garlic roasted potatos didn't get finished off?  Toss them in your potato bits bag.  Cook too many tator tots again?  Straight to the potato bits bag.  And those extra-crispy Ore Ida fries that nobody went for?  They can serve their time in the bits bag too.

Next time you cook up a casserole, break out the potato bits bag and give them a good chop.
Mix in some or a little of both of Ranch, mayo, sour cream, buttermilk. Whatever you have on hand.
Add some dried onions or other seasonings like Rosemary or Chili Pepper.  Get creative.  Add cheese too if you'd like. 

Spread it over top of your favorite casserole.

Bake to perfection.
Thank the good Lord and enjoy.

And More....

Mary has been fighting an awful case of impetigo.  She is now taking antibiotics.  Poor thing.  Paul stayed home with her this morning because I still had so much to do for our Employee Christmas Party.  I know he will be playing catch-up, but I'm so glad to have that extra time this morning at the Center.  Our party is going to be fabulous :)  Although I still need to head in super early tomorrow AM to micro-manage and control freak the final set-up. Just doing my DSSing.  Smile :)  

Then I had the most unusual call from David's school that he was sick.  So I picked him up and well... after I dropped him off at home... I had to go get the van cleaned.  Poor thing #2.

Elijah is quite into Geology lately, so as I sit here, he is teaching his sisters from the Rock collection we bought 5 years ago in Sequim, WA. 

I promised the kids a quick walk.  Mary really needs to get out of the house.  David can be sick without me.    

I'm so glad it's Pizza Night. 

1 comment:

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Hope everyone starts feeling better and it doesn't to through the WHOLE family.

Love your leftover potato idea!

HOpe your party goes well, my friend!

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