Monday, December 22, 2008


Yes, Roosevelt is a guinea pig! He is so fun! We're thinking of a nice Christmas present to get him. I want to get him a ball to run around in, but Paul is thinking those are just for hamsters. I bet I could still stuff him in one.

Church was great yesterday. We still had over 40 people come, despite the bad weather. We would just not want to cancel Christmas Sunday even though we got a lot of phone calls! Still some of our church family couldn't make it in like those in Dufur or those whose neighborhoods that didn't get plowed. We missed them.

Saturday was the Church Christmas party. We had close to 100 hundred people packed in our little chapel and fellowship hall. Everyone always turns up for the parties. If everyone showed up on the same Sunday for church, we'd have the same attendance for that too. I read in my Christianity Today that only 15% of Christians go to church every single Sunday. The majority go to church once a month or less. "Let us not give up in meeting together" Hebrews 10:25

After church we went out for lunch at Denny's. The kids love that place and we still had an errand to run. Why drive back and forth. We had the place practically to ourselves so we could be as loud as we wanted. The kids ate like pigs. They have been. I think the cold weather and all the snow play has made them hungry hippos. Then we went to Fred Meyers to buy our Roast Beast and other fixings for Christmas Dinner. The stores are not getting their shipments because the roads have been closed between here and Portland. There were many empty shelves. Plus it was packed, soooo busy. I'm always telling the kids to line up so we take up less room. But this time Paul was with us and he doesn't like being told to line up (he!he!).

We had a great late afternoon of sledding. Hannah LOVED her first ride but after that she was crying the whole time on the other rides. Ann screamed her head off, just like me ;). The guys were using a snow pile for jumps and they were literally flipping over. I went down only once with the boys because David steered us into a snow pile and I caught air. Not good.

It was a great full day.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the Christmas break!

We thought about cancelling our service, but glad we didn't because we had really good attendence. It was better than normal. Wierd. And it was really storming yesterday.

Hope you guys continue to have a wonderful time in the snow!

Bebee's Human said...

Maybe Hannah will like the sled rides next year. :0)

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