Friday, December 19, 2008


I got majorly stuck in the snow this morning. Kids in tow and everything. It was around 7:15am, and I had went to close to the curb where all the snow was and was STUCK. I tried everything to get out and as soon as I made progess, I was stuck again. WRONG DAY for this to be happening, as it was our Distribution day. After trying forever, I called my helpline... 1-800- help me Paul! He's a pro after growing up in Michigan. Well, he was in the middle of picking up our tons of turkeys so he sent our fab truck driver to rescue me. The kids were calling me a damsel in distress. Finally, a couple of men walked over to me and offered to push me. I argued a little because I was very scared I would run them over. They promised me they'd jump out of the way. So they pushed and I gased it, and lo and behold I was FREE!! I am so grateful. It was funny AFTER the fact, David piped up from the back seat "Mom- you better call Mark and tell him to call off the rescue party". Now that was funny!

About 2 minutes later we were off and driving, I mean SLIDING, all over the place. Very scary and made me VERY tense. I sooo wish I could just hold up in the house and not go anywhere when it's like this, but I just can't. There is much to be done!

At least the kids had a good time ;)


Bebee's Human said...

Oh golly! How awful! Glad you all made out ok. Those two men are real 'Good Samaritans'.

You'll never guess what has happened in Barstow, California! They have had 10 - 12 inches of snow for 4 days. The whole town has come to a stop except for the highway traffic. So have the cities of Victorville, Hesperia and Apple Valley. There are a few people getting stuck at work too. There are no people or equipment to clear the roads or highways of the snow there.

Another snow storm is predicted on Monday, and they might have a white Christmas.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Yikes! Praise God those men were there to help you. We had to go to Fred Meyer yesterday. It was INSANE! I do love four wheel drive though...

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad you are OK. Getting stuck is no fun, especially when you are in a hurry.

I'm so excited that you commented on my blog. It is great to hear from you.

Maybe your next one will be a redhead? Wouldn't that be fun? Was you twin a redhead, too? They are fun, but boy do they attract a lot of attention. Sometimes we have to put hats on them just to get through the store without getting mobbed by little old ladies, LOL.

You have a great day and I hope you get to relax some now that distribution is over.

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