Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's My Chance

Hannah is napping, Ann is resting on her brother's bed while she watches a movie in her swimsuit, I have 4 machines working for me (washer, dryer, dishwasher and oven) so here's my chance to blog. I think I've liked it so far, but I need to consolidate my Facebook and Myspace. It's more than I can keep up with. Now I'm wishing that everyone I knew blogged! Especially those that are far so that I could know what's up with them. I have some very dear childhood friends and teenage year friends. And the friends we've "collected" at previous appointments. And of course my awesome parents, brother and his gal, my great Aunt, and Paul's wonderful family, (who I call my own!).

There are those things I don't share, confidentiality of course. Those may be things that really affect me, good or bad, but I'll just have to focus on other stuff. Enough said ;)

Soooo... this morning the girls and I joined the boys at school for their assembly. The middle school band came and played a ton of Christmas music. We loved it! Then the girls and I went to the Corps to say hi and I needed to meet with some Staff to review the Christmas projects. Next Friday is Distribution. It is a real blessing to have such a great Staff. As of this morning, they only had 40 more of the 300 food boxes to go. I could tell their moods were lighter! I hope to really give them a fabulous Christmas Party on Sunday. They (our 12 Staff) and our Advisory Board members really deserve it! My friend, Joyce also stopped by to drop off some very adorable baby hats she made for our clients. I gave her a tour of the Game Room which has been transformed into a toy wonderland. I think I have over 600 toys up there sorted according to sex and age. My kids go crazy in there looking at everything!!! Every year I call it the "greedy room". David and Elijah are finally starting to understand why! While I had a quick visit with Joyce, Hanah decided to play plumber and plunge the toilet upstairs. I heard this "swishy, swishy" sound and there's Hannah plunging away! If it wasn't so cute and funny I would've been annoyed.

Then we went back to the school so I could buy Dry Hollow School shirts for the boys. The lady who sells them wasn't there earlier. It was lunch time when the girls and I were trying to locate the boys. I lost Hannah twice, but Ann is good at keeping track of her, I think because she's closer to the ground (he!he!). I heard a lot of "Hi Capt. Rachel" from our church kids, which makes the other kids go "wow, are you in the Army?" Yeah right!!! I don't think I've ever done a pull-up in my life!! When I help in classrooms and there's a church kid they're calling me "Capt. Rachel". It is embarrassing!!

We met Paul for lunch at McDonald's. The girls could play on a DRY playground (yes I'm aware of all the germs! I try not to think about it!) and Paul and I could catch up.

I'm so excited that tonight I have a hot date with Paul! We have a babysitter tonight since she totally cancelled for Sunday night (our Staff and AB party). I tried not to get panicky, called a friend and she said she would babysit! The kids would much rather be at her house anyway. There is a friend for everyone at the Brown's house! They have 5 kids all about the same age as ours. So tonight, we're going to pick up kettles then see "The Day the Earth Stood Still". What a treat! We try to think back to the days we could just pick up and go somewhere. Now it's complicated and costly. But we wouldn't trade it for the world.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go on a date! Steve wants to go on one tomorrow, but I don't know if I can get a babysitter. He never even told me what time the party was!

Hope you had a great time!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Steve told me that he checked your blog out yesterday while he was at work! I couldn't believe it. He's blogging? Go figure!

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