Thursday, December 11, 2008


Paul and I took the day off from the Corps today. Paul really needed the break. I'm not there near as much as him because I have plenty at home to do which also frees Paul for "maximum capacity" at the Corps. I'm also able to sneak in some Corps work at home during naps or bedtime. I think I'm at the Corps (and out and about Army ministry) 20-30 hours a week, more than half of that is with the kids in tow. They're great and learning the trade! That would also include ministry programs, of which they are my best pupils!! There is always work to be done. It will never be finished. We try to take an entire day off each week, Saturdays, but it's harder to do an entire Saturday at Christmas time. Some pride themselves in how crazy, chaotic, stressed out and frantic they can become in order to prove how hard they work. We don't go for that. What good are we when we're spent? I can't find that part of Scripture that says Sabbath is cancelled, work like a dog.

Thursday mornings the girls and I are usually at CBS (Community Bible Study) but it is on winter break right now, so instead the girls and I did our Friday shopping today. We stopped at the park on the way. Bad idea. The girls were soaking wet within a minute. Apparently the slides had a thin film of dew on them, which I didn't even notice. You should've seen how fast they went! They spit out the bottom like a bullet! Then we hit a couple stores with coupons in hand. Ann is such a great helper! Hannah also "helps" by loading up the buggy with whatever she can grab. I almost always have surprises when I go to checkout.

Ann helped Daddy rake up the leaves in the front yard, 4 bags worth. The boys raked the backyard, 3 bags worth. Then they were "tired" and started to complain. We looked at Genesis when work used to be fun (Adam being given Eden to take care of) and then when work became a curse because of his disobedience. We decided some work didn't feel like a curse but some does. We agreed that the work that doesn't feel like a curse is the work that God has uniquely called us too. Because then we're in His will, but if we're working on something we shouldn't be doing it can be quite miserable. Paul and I are always telling the kids that we pray they grow up and seek God and how He has gifted them before choosing a career. How terrible to put in 40hours or more a week doing something you hate, or worse, out of of God's will.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You are such a good mom! I love hearing about your day.

Can't wait to have the kids on Sunday. My kids will be thrilled! They will have fun with Ann on her birthday. They love making cards and singing happy birthday over and over!

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