Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Up

I know, I've been terrible keeping my blog updated. Funny thing that when I'm busy and there are many things to write about, I just don't make the time to write it all!! Plus our internet wasn't working for a few days. I feel bad I still haven't gotten my digi cam totally set up. I will do it this week for sure. I really want to start posting pics of the children!!
This could be long, so I'll try to keep it organized...

Ann's Surgery: Ann is getting her crooked thumb fixed tomorrow. We noticed it's crookedness almost 2 years ago when she gave us a thumbs up with her right hand. (We have a standing joke in our family in that we always give each other a crooked thumbs up, in honor of Ann.) We've been taking her to doctors and they have given us the same prognosis... that we need to get it fixed. It is on her right hand and is commonly referred to "trigger finger". It happens in the very young or the very old. The ligament in her thumb is not moving through properly and can get worse with age and affect her dexterity. The surgeoun does about 80 of these a year and it can be done locally on adults who will hold still. They can't count on a 4 year old to hold still and could end up cutting a nerve so Ann will be put under for this. I think the worst part will be her not being able to eat or drink anything after bedtime tonight and her surgery isn't until 11:30am tomorrow. I will be trying to stuff her full tonight.

Some letdowns: Here are just a few... After a long battle with the flu and a frankly terrible Christmas, we were all looking forward to our Officer's Christmas party to be held at the Great Wolf Lodge which is a new super waterpark hotel. We were invited to spend the night and then to the party the next day. The kids always look forward to it. At the last minute, it was cancelled (postponed) due to the flooding in Washington. The lodge itself was flooded and 20 miles around it. BIG bummer. So, instead we went to Portland to a hotel with lots of swimming, the mall, the movies, and out to eat, thankfully we had some Christmas money leftover. The weirdest thing happened to me at the mall and then at the movies, but I'll save it for later. Then when we got home Saturday night the refridgerator started breaking down. HUGE bummer. We are too busy on Sunday to buy a new one (SS, Church, CCM meetings) so we stick blocks of ice in and that has worked pretty well. First thing this morning we got a new fridge and I'm really excited to have one that I picked out. (I don't get much say about my house, furniture, appliances, etc unless it breaks during our appointment, then I can get a new one) It has a filtered water/ice dispenser in the door, lots of room and great organized, adjustable shelves. At lunchtime when the girls and I got home, I couldn't get in the house. The dumb door was broken again, after we just replaced the handle. Very frustrating. (I can't even tell you how much I have not liked this house. I could blog for days about how much I can't stand this house. But I'm stuck with it.) Next to go will be my minivan which is making strange noises and the locks and windows have decided to work just sometimes. I am still wondering what in the world I am supposed to be learning from a few months(starting with Paul's staph infection) of one disapointment after another. I think we're adjusting though. That's life.

WIERD: Okay, now for weird... we're at the Clackamas Mall. Just roaming around until our movie starts (Bedtime Stories,which we loved!). First weird thing was when we were at the mall, we ran into our across the street neighbor. 2 hours away from home in the great big city of Portland with an overcrowded mall and we end up with them. Before that we saw some friends from school (local resturaunt owners) at Chuck E Cheese, 2 hours away in the great big city of Portland. Weird! Then I'm standing there and a hand runs up my back to my shoulder and someone starts giving me a hug. I turn around and it's my old Corps Officer, Mrs. Walcott! She was at the mall shopping with her now very grown up daughter. We caught up for a little bit, but I had to go get to the movie. She lives in Portland and is not an Officer anymore and we lost track of each other. It was so neat to see her.

SUPER WEIRD: (I realize this may just be a Rachel thing, but I think it would be weird to you too!.....)We get into the movie theater, the first and only ones in there. It takes a family of 6 a little while to get situated, pass out popcorn, bathroom trips, etc. Everyone is sitting down, except for me. I was half standing with my knee on the seat orchestrating everything, my DC was in the cup holder, my "territory" was clearly marked, and this 50 or so year old couple sits down RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Let me remind you, the movie theater is empty except for us. It is a big theater with balcony seating and everything. I looked at them, looked at the empty seats to their right, looked at the empty seats behind them, in front of them (well you get the point) and I blurted out "Are you really sitting there?" The guy laughs and says "Yeah, you look like a responsible adult and I know you'll keep us out of trouble" and he's laughing and his wife is going right along with it. I'm shocked and then I say looking all around "Am I on candid camera? Is this a joke?" I told the lady who was practically on my lap... "Look, halfway through this movie, there will be children all over my lap and then on yours too. I think you should move." She looks at Hannah and tells me "oh that's okay, your kids look darling". Then I said "Well, who will get the armrest? I even fight over that with my own husband." and she says "we'll take turns". I ask them again... "is this a joke? are you kidding me?!?" This starts churning in my head, and just doesn't feel right, so I stand up, and move every single one of the Chouinards down 2 seats, which is an ordeal, with 4 already situated children. We're talking boosters, drinks, popcorn, coats, etc. Paul missed a lot of it because he was at the other end (why didn't they sit next to him???) But I told him and the rest of the movie theater (people were starting to trickle in by now) "This is way to weird... who in the world sits right next to someone in an empty theater... I must be on candid camera... it would've been easier for them to move.... and on and on..." until Paul told me to be quiet. I think I got kind of worked up. I don't know, maybe I'm the weird one.

PREGNANCY: I guess I haven't written much about this, so here it goes... I am due April 18. That's the same due date I had with David. David's birthday is April 15, Adolf Hitler's birthday is April 20. I'm hoping for something in between. I went to the doctor this morning for my monthly check up and am still doing well. I lost more weight due to the flu and was accused of "dieting". Yah right!!! I eat often, but my stomach gets smaller and doesn't hold as much (I should be prego all the time!) The Dr. told me this morning that I am measuring 3-4 weeks big, so it looks like another big baby. My blood sugar has been fine, so that's not to blame. I think I have to blame my mom's side of the family who make big babies. Smile. I pray this baby will level off. I was miserable the last 6 weeks of pregnancy with Elijah (11.5 lbs) and even Ann (9.3 lbs.) We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but will probably get another ultrasound and the Dr. will right it down for us to send to our family. When I was in the Corps office this morning, I even overheard 3 of our staff in deep discussion about what the Chouinards are having. If we didn't gamble, I'd use this as fundraiser.

Today's my birthday (my borther's too), so we're going to Cousins for dinner with my free dinner and dessert coupon. I love coupons ;). It is a treat to me because I don't have to plan, cook and clean-up dinner. I already know I want the turkey dinner, my favorite! Yesterday at church they all surprised me during Sunday School with a birthday cake and candles. I felt spoiled. They are too good to me. Then we played guess the age. I can't believe the kids thought I was 45 or more! Crazy kids. Anyway, I told them the truth: 21. Some remembered I was 21 last year, but I told them that just couldn't be true. They'll know for sure next week when I drop my 33 pennies on the drum.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Happy Birthday, Rach! You're catching up with me, until April that is!

OK, that is WEIRD!!!! You are so brave, I don't think I would have said anything, but would have been fuming the whole time.

What a bummer that Wolf Lodge was closed. That must have been so disappointing. You are on a streak aren't you?

I miss you and we are needing a Brown/Chouinard night!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel.

I think that is weird, too. I don't know if I could have said anything either, but I would have been really bothered by it. I think so me people just go for shock value.

Glad you were able to get a new fridge.

HOpe that last few weeks of your pregancy are good ones.

Glad you liked the Mexican pot roast dish. It is so easy if you don't have anything fresh in the house.

Take care. I'm so glad you took the time to blog today.

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