Thursday, February 5, 2009

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A few weeks ago Paul and I watched "Housewife 49" from Netflix. It was a wonderful movie! It was all about World War 2 from a British Housewife's point of view. So I was telling my friend Stacie about it when she mentioned a new OPB (or PBS depending where you live) reality show called "1940's House". I got it from the library and Paul and I watched it last week. Well, we are still talking about it! We loved it so much and it inspired us to do all sorts of research on the affects of WW 2 on England. Rationing, bomb shelters, volunteering, and so much more. I would totally recommend these two movies!

I have found that there really aren't all that many good movies being made anymore! And Television STINKS! When Paul and I were first married there were a few good shows on that we both liked watching together. Over the last 4-5 years, there aren't any television shows that we're "hooked" on and look forward to watching in the evenings. We do like when we stumble upon a good History Channel show. Also Discovery Channel is always a good family station that we watch together with the kids (minus the commercials!). Elijah, Ann and I like to watch the Food Network sometimes. I know I watch way to much of the news channels (FOXnews). Paul gets tired of me screaming at the TV. I get mad and worked up right before bed when I should be relaxing. That's my two cents on TV. If any of you are watching fabulous shows that you love, let me know!

My book reading is piling up again. I have been scanning several books, but only actually reading Atlas Shrugged (I may be the rest of my life, it is very long!). I have way to many books that I've ordered and let pile up on my nightstand. I hate "stuff" and am constantly purging, but the book thing may be getting out of hand! I dread moving and packing up all of them. I need to go through the bookcases (home and office) and purge some! The kids also have tons of books. Toys drive me crazy, but I never mind getting them a book. It has helped them become great readers, but I'm due to purge there too!

Elijah is watching me type now. He's amazed at how fast I'm able to type without even looking. It's funny because I remember my own mom typing on a real typewriter when I was a kid and I thought she was so amazing because she could type. I guess I'm the amazing one now, right Elijah? (He's laughing because he's reading this as I type!). Elijah says "Hi Everyone!" He has one more front tooth dangling around. I swear I'm going to rip that thing out! It has been hanging by a thread for a week now, since he lost the one next to it.

David just got back from guitar lessons, so I have to sit and listen to all he learned. He's actually getting pretty good. Better go get my groove on with David.

Bye all!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm so glad you liked the 1940's House. It was well done, wasn't it?

I hate TV, I think that's why I enjoy Netflix so much. We are totally into the Survivorman now. Andrew even loves it. He told me, "That guy sure likes to eat yucky stuff!"

Good luck on the tooth, Elijah! We've had our share of "danglers" around here, too!

If you do get rid of books, send them my way. I would love to send them to Kenya!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Loved the 1940's House. Will add the other movie you reccommended to my queue.

Even though I don't have TV, I've been known to get my blood pressure up from just reading the news off my Yahoo home page. Know what you mean about there being so few good movies out there. Most of the movies we have in our queue are classics.

I love books, too. I tend to go overboard on books. I'm glad I've got a new place to send my purged books, thanks to Stacie's missionaries in Kenya.

Have a wonderful evening!

Bebee's Human said...

I learned to type on real typewritters, real knuckle-busters! So when electric typewritters came along, then keyboards, it was nice. With the electric stuff we had to learn not to pound the keys as if we had gorilla knuckles.

I like to watch the Naked Archaeologist. He's not naked, the archaeology is. Be sure to have pen and paper ready when watching because it's a great learning show. It's on the History Channel.

Bebee's Human said...

Correction: The Naked Archaeologist is on The History International Channel.

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