Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh My!

Oh my! Almost 2 weeks of no posts! We're still here. Alive and mostly well. Except for another plugged duct for me (I believe exhaustion induced) , poor Ann with a very bad canker sore, and Mary with a diaper rash (STILL after being treated for a yeast infection). Us girls are falling apart!! Thank God we have a good man, Paul, who diligently takes good, loving care of us (and forces me to rest). I believe that the best time for a man to pull rank as head of the wife is in order to protect her. I was a good wife and stayed in bed all afternoon on Thursday, and stayed on the couch all day on Friday. Yes the house has fallen apart even though the kids have kept up on their chores, mommy hasn't for two days.

Our last week and a half have been very full. Here are some highlights:

David continues to play some awesome Baseball! He is a star Catcher and Batter.

Mother and Daughter Banquet which is always a ton of work but such great fun! Over 50 women and girls in a very crowded Fellowship Hall.

Paul went to Men's Camp last weekend, which left me to hold the fort both at home and at Church.

A couple of the church ladies were very helpful with my own children while I ran the banquet and the church service/sermon. Thank you Lord for helpers!

Paul started getting our back yard summer ready, starting with setting up our above ground pool.

Paul has also been at the Corps very late every night (like until midnight or longer) to fit in additional responsbilities that come up this time of the year... Budget, TS improvements, etc. It never ends!!

David's 4th grade class held their school perfomance "Destination Rock 'N Roll" which was great! I actually truly enjoyed this perfomance for more than just "my kid's in it". Paul and I were practically singing along.

Elijah is all psyched up for Soccer this season after we went and signed him up. He got a yellow sticker on his paperwork which was the highest you can get for your skill level. OF COURSE he got the highest skill level... I got to make the call (ha!ha!) But really, he's pretty good and confident and obeys/respects his coaches. That counts for something!

Ann had her pre-school "graduation". Quite cute!! They all wore graduation caps, received a diploma and sang a song. Funny though... she only attends 2 mornings a week, maybe one afternoon a month during Advisory Board and is coming back for more next year... but she still "graduated". Is that the "everyone's a winner" mentality??

I was so sick on Thursday morning and had slept a total of 6-7 hours over the previous 4 days that I was seriously losing it. I was scared to even drive. I gave up on Advisory Board and having our good friends over for dinner. I did still go to Ann's graduation in the morning though because she is one person I do not want to fail. I was so tired that I forgot my friends name from her school. DUH!!

I am feeling much better now and am earnestly praying that God show me what is MOST important in my daily tasks and to h*** with the rest ;)


Bebee's Human said...

Get plenty of rest and underwear that is not tight. Never mind the house! Loves to everyone!

Toni Floyd said...

Almost got a plugged duct just reading this! ha ha just kidding! It's nice to hear the positivity in your attitude and that's the key, isn't it? A good attitude will help you see the good and help you cope with the challenging! Praise God you have such an understanding and helpful husband! Sounds like he's a good man to his family! Take care and let the house go, even if it's just a little. Love to ya! Toni

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