Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Life Is Like This Week

We got the kids off to camp safe and sound. Paul ended up canceling his day and coming with me. He is so protective of me. It drives me nuts, due to my independant streak, but I know it's because he loves me. (I used to drive 13 hours each way to Youth Councils weekends with 15 teenagers and a baby David, where was this side of him then??) After getting everyone registerd, lice checked, medicine checked and class sign-ups, the 3 girls and us went to Super Wal-Mart on the way home. Spent about $200 stocking up on groceries, you can't beat their prices! Of course, this week and most of next week, we are a family of 5 and probably didn't need to stock up so much. But at least it will all be there when we are a family of 7 again.

Got some office work done Tuesday. Sunday Bulletins, finalized camp paperwork for next week, started our fall youth program scheduling, made some arrangements for Women's Retreat, and various other no-brainers. I also ran home real quick to get some Cinnamon Rolls started for Home Leage the next day, which was today. Then back to the Corps. I made some Cinnamon Rolls a few weeks ago for a lady in our church with 2 little kids and her husband in the Army in Kentucky. Of course... she had to mention it to someone and that someone went and told everyone else and then someone tells me "how come you didn't make me Cinnamon Rolls?" (jokingly... but I sensed some truth) SO... I said "how about I make some for Home League, that way everyone gets some and no one feels left out?" (hint, hint) She says "oh that would be wonderful" and then she proceeds to give me a list of everyone's allergies and how I should make them. Oh brother (I mean sister). So the girls and I finished them up last night, but I forgot the most important ingredient of all... Love.
I will put in extra next time.

So is it supposed to be easier with only 3 kids?? Well, it's not. With the boys gone, the big kid chores are not getting done, so that leaves it to me. And I just haven't gotten to them. Vacuuming, glass cleaning, garbage, wall washing. I'd really rather not, maybe because I'm in a lazy mood after going at it hard the last several days. Paul and I will probably watch a movie tonight.

Now, I'm down here trying to blog and catch up on emails while the girls are litterally under my feat. I left them upstairs playing with their paper dolls and they ended up making their way down here. It always happens, I shouldn't complain, but the kids (yes, all of them) are always following me from room to room. They will even wait outside the bathroom door for me. It's like I'm the planet and they are little moons orbiting around me.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I know what you mean. When Josiah is gone, Hailey doesn't have anyone to play with so she's constantly underfoot. It is way easier with them both here! And yes, in the chore department, too.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I hate it when the boys are gone. I have to take out the trash, vaccuum, unload the dishwasher, put clothes away! Yikes, what would I do without my little servants?

Paul is just toooooo sweet!

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