Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Ant Farm

We've had so much fun and are learning so much with our Ant Farm, that I thought I'd post about it.

After we sent away for our Ants, they were mailed to us like this. In a test tube crawlin' all over each other. The number one rule we stuck with was - Do Not Touch The Ants-. They were big and red and scary looking.

We put them in this glass for a couple days because we did not get their home ready in time. (Apparently we needed to be ready when they came.) We followed the directions and David, Elijah, Ann, and Hannah made a "home sweet home" for them in no time and we had it out to dry and harden up that night so the Ants could move in the next day.

Those Ants are quite used to giant people heads glaring down at them daily.
I wonder if they think we're God.

Ants exploring their home. They got to work right away. It is so neat to watch.

Isn't thier little red water bowl sooo cuuuuute??

Did you know???
that Ants work and move faster when it's hot? Like lightly blowing our own hot air on them?
that Ants calm way down when you put them in the refridgerator?
that our Ants LOVE to eat Cornflakes?
that Ants need fresh water everyday?
that you should NEVER leave a 2 year old alone in the corner with the Ant farm?
that Ants pile up their dead?
that a family of 7 can be entertained day after day with an Ant Farm?
that you can make a family of 7 jump, run, and scream by saying "I think I saw an Ant on your arm"?

1 comment:

Bebee's Human said...

Neat! At what point will they have a queen, so you'll have more ants?

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