Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas- Salvation Army Style

1200 people served Thanksgiving Dinner

1 Starlight Parade Float

6 Bellringers

3 Service Club Bellringers

1 Corps Day of Bellringing

1 Advisory Board Day of Bellringing

Countless kettle counting

2 ELFF Nights (collecting 23,000 non-perishable foods)

325 Nursing Home Gifts

225 Christmas Food Boxes

435 Children who received Christmas Gifts through our Social Services

30 Corps (Church) Children who received Christmas Gifts

85 Corps, Church, and Advisory Board  who received Adult Christmas Gifts

30 Women's Ministries Gifts

78 Foster Children Christmas Gifts

65 Sr/Disabled Gifts

Thousands of generous donors

4 Advent Sundays

26 (2 more to go!) Jesse Tree Ornaments (just the Chouinards)

3 Corps Related Christmas Parties

1 Christmas Service

2 Class Parties (David's and Elijah's)

2 Teacher Gifts

95 Christmas cards

4 Christmas Performances (3 Chouinard children)

30 volunteers

10 Employees

5  Salvation Army Officer Children

2  Corps Officers

Potatos, Re-Furbished Bikes and Turkeys

Toys and my baby girl

Food Boxes

Bread and Turkey Roasters

more food boxes.

1 Baby Jesus, God with us


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is AMAZING! How you all do it, I'll never know! Great job, Chouinards!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

And the best part is that you aren't all sick this year! Yeah!

Betsy said...

I never knew Christmas to be any different then the army style. :) I love the busyness of the season, and sharing it with those I love!

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