Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ann!

Yesterday was Ann's 5th Birthday!
She started out her day waking up to lots of birthday decorations.
Then she brought sugar cookies with hot-pink frosting to her Tuesday morning pre-school class.
Then we went to dance class.
When we got home, Ann could do anything she wanted, it's her day!
So... we played a very long restuarant/tea parlour game. 
Then she chose to watch Max & Ruby and Olivia and Spongebob.
Then she and her brother Elijah made a rocket
out of the box that Grandma and Grandma sent Christmas presents in.
Then we ended up ordering Cheese with extra cheese Pizza for her dinner party.  Ann's favorite! (I was going to make it, but I was too busy playing with the birthday girl!)

Ann with her presents.  She was very spoiled!  She got a couple of gifts from her grown-up friends at church.  Grandma and Grandpa sent a package.  Our DC sent a card with $5.  A gift from brothers and sisters, and a gift (actually 3 this year!) from Mommy and Daddy.

Getting to see her cake.

Blowing out her candles.

Opening Grandma and Grandpa *S* gift.

Waaay to much tape and plastic bags.  We're guessing that Grandpa wrapped it?!  Ha!Ha!
Paul had to break out the scissors.

So.. let me tell you Mommy and Daddy's gift story...
after Christmas last year the BEAUTIFUL big and poofy Christmas dresses were on sale at Fred Meyers for 75% off.  So I bought 2 of them for Ann and 1 for Hannah and spent like 20 bucks for all three.  I stashed them under my bed all year, so that I could give them to Ann for her birthday.  She loves big, pretty dresses!  The other thing that she's been asking for over the last several months were "bumpits"!! (She's holding them in the pic above)    I still giggle!  Everytime we saw anyone out and about who had poofy hair, Ann would turn and point and get all excited that they might have a "bumpit" on.  (A wee embarrassing!)   She got a Barbie toy from her siblings, but she was still most excited to have her very own "bumpits"!

Elijah wrapped up a couple pieces of his own gum to give to her.

Ann with a quick, sloppy bumpit hairdo.

David tried on the little one.

Elijah too.

Thank you, Lord, for my little girl!!  What a JOY she is!!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Happy birthday from all of us! Jessica loves the cake! Looks like she got quite spoiled. Love ya!

Betsy said...

Happy belated birthday Ann!

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