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(I do hope you'll make the time follow along and click on the links I've provided, perhaps you'll have to take in this post on a few different visits.)

Eleven years ago, I turned up pregnant with our first child.  I began to check out books at the Library, suscribe to "parenting" magazines and ask lots of questions to the older women in my life.  I was hungry for knowledge and wisdom!  My Titus 2 women (and God is still sending them!), such as my mom,  a couple of ladies from our first appointment, and my in-law mom and sister,  were great examples and support to me, but what I found as far as books and magazines just weren't very satifsfying. Yes, there was some valuable knowledge, but it wasn't offering me a God-centered perspective.  Some of the more popular magazines basically left me envisioning my husband in an apron and lip gloss, all womanized, while I could go off and have all my selfish desires fulfilled with a size 2 body, after giving birth.   (btw- my husband is a great daddy, changes diapers, gives baths, anything really, and he is still all man ;)  

It seems to me that most of what the world has to offer us women is a way out of the nitty gritty of being a wife and mother. Tempting indeed.  I had to allow (continually btw!) God to change my perspective and attitude and embrace these relationships and roles in my life just as God, who ordained them, does. 

As the internet increased, I began discovering new, uncensored, non-money-motivated, Biblical perspective, resources.  Many resources were recommendations from friends, or ones that I ran across once I knew coin-phrases to google.

These resources have been so valuable and encouraging and inspiring to me as I find my way in being the woman God made me to be.  And the added bonus, is that when my "house in order" it spills over into the public ministry that God has called me to.  I feel authentic, sincere, equipped,  and quite aware of the spiritual battle that is going on in so many families. 

>The Bible- If God didn't mean it, why would He say it?  There is much to be learned in God's Word!  The Character of God, and our own nature.  The Ways of God and man's way.  And, the very pulse of it all, God's ever-reaching love for us and how we love others.   *Salvation*   *Holiness*    These are the ways that God desires us to love not just "others" but our families. 

>Blogs- I follow a few blogs and sit down very early most mornings with a cup of coffee in hand to check-up on my blog friends.  It's my "me time" when I am encouraged and inspired and come away with ideas and recipes.   My friend, Stacie, over on a fire fighter's wife, has brillantly equated blogging like being penpals.  (And I have had literally 100+ penpals back  when I was child and we wrote with pen and paper.  I was published in 2 magazines and my parents made me answer back every letter!)

A few things you should know about my blog-
  • On my side bar is a list of blogs I follow and recommend.
  • I have no idea who visits my blog.  I have a tally ticker on the bottom of my blog, so I just see numbers but my readers are free to come and go, lurk or whatever, I don't care. 
  • If you visit my blog, I gaurantee you will feel better about your life- either you will be encouraged by our life or you will say "I'm glad I'm not them" and thank the good Lord for yours.
  • I aim to be transparent and honest, but obviously there are still private matters, and even though it is a main part of our lives,  I mostly avoid public ministry posts because I do not want to divulge the things that aren't my story to share, nor cross the line of taking personal credit for the works of God in ministry.  
  • I am fully aware of opening myself up for judgment, sometimes harsh or misunderstood (or fully deserved!)  But we are all to shine before others, not micromanage other's perception of us. 
>Websites-  I also have websites that are favorites of mine.  Those are also listed on my sidebar. Take a visit, I bet there is something there for you too.  I most highly recommend Vision Forum and Above Rubies.

>Education- Dare I go here??  Well, yes, I should.  There is an incredible amount of educating materials available on the internet.  While the Textbooks in public schools are edited with a particular agenda in mind (non-"offensive" non-"religious" non-"racist" non-"challenging") , the stuff you can find on the internet makes it so that you, as a parent, can resource your children above and beyond public-education. The  1911 Encyclopedia  is a great resource that answers lots of questions.   I also love the Happy Hearts Homeschooling blog that shares all sorts of old fashioned treasures for learning solid material.

And before I get to carried away here since this post is already quite long,
may I suggest that you take the time to read the following link:
Our Children
Written by the eldest daughter of General William and Catherine Booth.

 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
To him belongs eternal praise.
-Psalm 111:10


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Great post! I too, found myself disliking the secular parenting magazines for the same reasons.

I don't think Paul would look very cute in an apron! LOL!

Love you!

Betsy said...

I am going to seriously take a look at some of those you have posted. I am flattered to have you post my blog on your sidebar. I have been quite the slacker lately, but life gets in the way sometimes. lol. =)

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