Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yester Years

 "Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee"

Two weekends ago, we finally made the time to clean out the garage.  The garage becomes the dumping ground of all the things we don't want to deal with unpacking.  I scheduled an SA TRUCK pick-up to let my family know that I really meant it when I said we're cleaning out the garage. 

I came across a box that I must not have opened for years.  Old dresses and pictures.  My flower girl dress from when I was in my Aunt Sylvia's wedding at 6 years of age.  My old Sunbeam and Girl Guard uniforms and sashes and more.  

My Sunbeam hat and tie.

I cried opening the box.  I'm just sentimental like that.  I hardly look at old pictures, even of my children, because reminiscing about the past just fills my heart with all kinds of emotion that isn't all that useful for my day to day living!  I'm still in the "onward ho!" phase of my life.  I will reminisce more when I'm old :)  say 90.... or so.

My 6th grade graduation dress!  1988, 12 years old.
Lo and behold it still fit, although its looking a little more hoochy on me now.  lol!

I had Paul take all sorts of pictures of me and my old clothes ;)  He ended up working much harder in the garage than I because I got so sidetracked and crying and happy and everything.  That man is earning extra credit in heaven because of being married to me.  Glad I can play my part.

My 6th grade traffic patrol jacket, of which I was the Captain and got a trophy for being the best one in the District.  The only trophy I ever won was for my bossiness, but I did it well!  I loved leading my squad, organizing the schedules, reporting people, rewarding people, and stopping traffic with my STOP sign and whistle.  Left, left, left, right, left. (ROTFL!!)

My wonderful husband tells me that I still stop traffic (wink, wink.)

This is the dress I wore when I was in my best friend's sister's wedding as the candlelighter.   I believe I was 13 the last time I wore this dress.   Fit beautifully, and still just my taste.  Peach and so feminine.    See my tattoo?    Her Aunt made the dress and the print was my favorite because I later chose the same fabric for my mom to sew my 8th grade graduation dress, except in lilac.

I started working my first paycheck getting job when I was 14 at our 7 Eleven.  Before that I babysat often and also cared for a neighbor lady who was dying of cancer.   I was always uncomfortable having my boss insist that I sit on his lap when he dressed up as Santa every year.  Pervert.    I also Bellrang for my Corps and later on got hired at Marine World Africa USA working in the game booths.  I had a great time getting people to my booth, but felt awful selling games that I myself couldn't even win.  Especially to the children.  That worked itself out when I was sent off on Service Corps then to CFOT. 

               My mom made this dress for my 8th grade graduation pictured below. 
I picked out the pattern and the fabric.  She did a great job. 
6 years and 360 days later I became an Officer, an ordained minister in The Salvation Army.
7 years and 1 day later I became a wife to the only man for me.
9 years later He began to multiply our union with baby David.

I am so blessed by God's GRACE.
I bet you are too.

Although I set out to clean out a garage, God had set out to remind me of His full and overwhelming faithfulness to me over the course of my life.   Words cannot express.   At times I have struggled greatly, but He is always present. Nudging me, holding me, setting me exactly where He wants me, and holding me to the promises I've made.  Praise Him for for His firm and gentle ways.


Betsy said...

I cannot believe you fit in things from when you were that young! Wow. Talk about bringing back memories.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is unbelievable!!!! I can't fit into anything from high school let alone middle school. Heck, I can't even fit into my own wedding dress!

Soooo, are you going to keep them now that you have pictures of you in them, or are they going to be purged by the purge queen?

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