Thursday, March 10, 2011

Domestic Command Zones aka Chores!

A few months ago, I came up with our new chore system for this house.  This system was spurred by my frustration with some children cutting way to many corners getting their chores done and the general mommy feeling of... why am I doing everything?!?  Time for me to re-visit I am a Mother, not a maid. :)

So, I started with what needs done in our home? 
Then I listed exactly what was expected for each chore to be thorougly done. 
Put them onto index cards for easy handing out, easy transport, and laminated for easy wiping off.
Sometimes, it is a chore and a command.  For example, whoever gets "Clean Room" is responsible to clean their own room and inspect the other rooms.  They are responsible to check under the beds, behind the dresser, etc.  Takes the lead off my shoulders and trains them about what it's like to be in charge.
Another example, if they get "Vacuum" then they have to tell everyone to pick-up their stuff and follow through, not me.  
They are in Command of their zone, not me.  
Curbs some of the "it's just easier for me to do it myself" attitude that I can get.  

Made pockets for each child. Early morning I may slip in their 2 chores (1 for Hannah).  Or I may turn them all upside down and have each child pick.  Or I may be in "serious business" mode and assign chores according to who will complete it the best OR who needs to learn how to do it better when I have the time to teach individually.

I use these as either consequence chores or company's coming chores or I want a thorough cleaning chores.

When you have a big family, you might be like me and find yourself  repeating yourself over, and over, and over again.  Several months ago,  I lost my voice really bad for over 2 weeks.  This was my solution to my follow through with the children.  Now, I keep it on the back of the front door, and we use it when we need to "re-visit" expectations. 
 (DCZ is Domestic Command Zone-
hey- I have boys who would rather conquer and command than keep house!)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Very inspiring! Isn't it wonderful to start something new and lay out your expectations clearly? I am amazed at what my children can accomplish sometimes. I am slowly working myself out of a job. I am now the commander and delegate. I will not pick up my children's messes.

Good for you! How was Florida? Call me!

Betsy said...

That is awesome! How well does it work for your littlest ones? I am looking for something, ANYTHING that will work for mine. We let them go too long without picking up their rooms by themselves and now want help every time they have to do it!

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